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Will Marshall is a multi-genre violist, violinist, and producer currently based in New York, NY where he works in both live and studio environments for local, regional, and international artists. With roots in classical, folk, pop, rock, and hip hop, Will’s highly adaptable and desired playing style is a blend of old and new. 

In addition to working as an in-demand multi-instrumentalist, Will is the owner of String Garden, a Brooklyn-based recording/production studio and musician contracting company specializing in all things strings. Since creating String Garden in the Fall of 2020, Will has worked on numerous projects which include composing and recording string parts for many songs and albums, composing for film and tv, mixing & mastering, and hiring musicians for various recording sessions and live events.


Will’s music career began at age six when he started busking in downtown Houston, TX, almost immediately after picking up the violin. Since then, he has performed and recorded with hundreds of artists such as Jessie Reyez, Sofia Carson, J Balvin, Jon Bellion, Maluma,  Banks, Pink Martini, and more. Will can be seen performing on some of the biggest stages in New York City, The Late Show with Stephan Colbert, film and tv, and across the continent. As comfortable on the stage as he is in the studio, Will frequently works as a session musician with top artists and elite producers in big name recording studios around the United States. From touring, performing, recording, composing, and everything in between, Will is enjoying his career as a professional musician. With a heart for people and a passion for music, he looks forward to creating new things.

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Will Marshall is a professional musician, producer, recording artist, and composer based in

New York City and is available for hire worldwide.

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